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*Use Carnival store's invoices to apply a new membership.
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Membership Conditions
- Store Member and Online member will get 5-10% discount and additional promotions for both Online and Offline Store. 
-You will be automatically promoted to be a VIP member after spending 7,000 baht on our website without having to register here. If your location is in Thailand we will send you Membership Card to your registered home address.
- If you already have a member card obtains from our store you can use member card informations to register for an online account here. Username and Password will be send to your email after your account have been approved.
- After information has been submitted , the membership approval result will be sent to your email within 3 business days.
- Online and In Store member points are separated and can be use only at each store.
- Please contact for questions about Membership conditions.

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